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    15, Dar-Ul-Muluk, 26, Pandita Ramabai Road, Gamdevi, Mumbai - 400007
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    +91 9869426541
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    Mon - Fri: 10:00 am - 02:00 pm
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The Vascular Clinic

Dr. Paresh Pai (The Vascular Clinic) in Gamdevi, Mumbai is known for offering excellent patient care.

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Being a specialized General Surgeon Doctors, the doctor offers a number of medical services.

We Use Modern Equipment.

The Vascular Clinic has a well-equipped clinic with all the modern equipment.

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The Vascular Clinic

The doctors and staff at The Vascular Clinic are driven by the desire to help all patients suffering from peripheral vascular disease and motivated to save limbs and prevent limb loss.

The Vascular Clinic The Vascular Clinic is a dedicated healthcare facility that provides a service concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases affecting arteries, veins and lymphatics. It is aimed at providing "state of the art" comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic facilities for care of patients with vascular diseases. Vascular disease is currently the most common cause of death and disability in the elderly in most western countries. There is little evidence of decline in the prevalence of these diseases despite better understanding of the disease and widespread promotion of preventive measures. The outcome of vascular diseases has greatly improved in the last three decades as a result of increase in the range and quality of available diagnostic and therapeutic modalities.

The average life span of an individual in India is progressively increasing. So also are the diseases associated with stressful and sedentary occupation that is combined with westernisation of the traditional diet and lifestyle. All these factors result in an increase in the prevalence of vascular diseases mimicking those seen in the western world.


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Dr. Paresh Pai (The Vascular Clinic) in Gamdevi, Mumbai

Dr. Paresh Pai (The Vascular Clinic) in Mumbai is one of the leading businesses in the Vascular Surgery Doctors.

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One of the leading businesses in the Vascular Surgery Doctors.


We Provide the highest level of satisfaction care & services to our patients.

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